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Important Legal information and polices (Boring perhaps, but necessary nonetheless)

Some useful information and a few important notes.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is very important to us, so therefore as with all Eternal Syndrome services and products, we do not share or sale your information to unknown third parties and all efforts are made to make sure your data remains safe, secure and private via secure networks, practices and encrypted services.

Adsense Privacy Policy
The user information that we gather from AdSense sites is used in accordance with Google's privacy policy. It is not used to identify users personally and we don't display ads based on personal information.
We also will not display ads based on sensitive information or interest categories, such as those based on race, religion, sexual orientation, health or sensitive financial categories, without a user's opt-in consent.

Notes on Third Party
Third-Party means the games/downloads/links (or whatever in question) are not created or / and not in association with Eternal Syndrome™.

Notes on Eternal Syndrome™ Product/Site & Third Party Product/Site usage
Although practically all of the material has been checked, tried & tested by my good self so that you don't experience any grief, I cannot guarantee anything, including whether or not it will actually work. So therefore, you view / download the links / games etc @ your own risk & discretion.

BUT PLEASE bear in mind, I have done as much as I can to prevent any bad experiences (virus scanning, testing & providing links etc...) for your fine selves, so surf in confidence!

Don't be a stranger, M@ke Contact!
If you do experience anything dodgy / unsatisfactory, please go to the M@KE CONTACT Section, find the right address and email me so I can attempt to fix/remedy it!

Alternatively you can access the ESEmmunity™ Zone Forums & do the the same, and you may even find a solution from other users!

Thanks in advance!

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